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The Market Potential for Duct Cleaning Services

One of the reasons that heating and air conditioning system cleaning has succeeded is that there is a truly huge marketplace available for the service. A community of 10,000 households can easily support a 2- or even 3-unit operation. Nearly every household and business establishment is a ready prospect. Many homeowners will have their air duct and heating systems cleaned annually. Commercial stores and buildings have an urgent need for cleanliness; especially food outlets, restaurants, clinics, hospitals and other locations where a clean indoor air environment is absolutely essential.


There are any number of ways to get the name of your duct cleaning business out there where people can see it. Biltwel Duct Cleaning Equipment inc. is pleased to get you started with some basic marketing techniques, such as how to rent a billboard, start a direct mail campaign, buy and make radio spots and TV commercials, how to engage in Yellow Pages marketing from phone books to websites, and the finer points of telemarketing.

Increased Income Potential

By adding duct cleaning to the list of services your business can perform, you can greatly add to your yearly income. Based on 10 jobs per week at the average price of $400 per job you can add $4,000 per week income to your business. Many contractors find they make between 58% and 67% in gross profits from duct cleaning services too. 

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