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As many service companies already know, having the ability to complete more service calls per day, month, and year means more money earned.

All portable duct cleaning equipment requires long setup times. The machines are heavy, 150 to 350 lbs, and can be as big as a fridge. The ones that don’t sit outdoors have to be moved into the house or building and be taken up and down stairs.

Portable equipment typically generates 1,500 – 5,000 CFM at less than 1” of static pressure. With the low volume of CFM’s you typically have to zone the duct system into 3 or 4 zones in order to clean it. This zoning takes time and cost money.

Portable equipment users typically require a time period of up to 5 hours to properly clean the ducts in a 2,000 sq. ft. house.

A Biltwel vacuum truck gives you 12,500 CFM @ 15.5” Static Pressure. Users of Biltwel vacuum trucks typically report completing 3 or 4 2000 sq. ft. houses per day with only 1 technician. The technician is using a combination of high-powered vacuum, compressed air whips, and brushes to do a high quality of work.

Companies with a Biltwel vacuum truck using only a high-power vacuum, compressed air and 2 technicians have reported completing 6 – 8 houses per day.

Biltwel vacuum trucks are parked outside the house and an 8”-10” vacuum hose is run into the home. Carrying a 30-pound vacuum hose and air lines is faster and less labor intensive than setting up portable equipment.


Most portable units are made for 1 particular task: duct cleaning. A Biltwel vacuum truck is made to clean air ducts and furnaces, hot water heaters, boilers and air conditioning coils, dryer vents, fireplaces and wood stoves. It also provides an excellent method of insulation removal. A Biltwel vacuum truck parked 150’ away from a house will have more powerful suction in the duct system, be able to clean more components on the job and will do it faster with one technician than using a portable unit with 2 technicians.


There is a place in the market for portable equipment, which is why we also sell portable units, but in our 30 years of experience portable units best used at hard-to-reach commercial job sites rather than HIGH PRODUCTION residential and commercial duct cleaning.

At Biltwel we have our own duct cleaning company, Modern Power Vac that has a fleet of 12 vacuum trucks and 2 portable units. Our vacuum trucks work every day of the year, while our portable units go out approximately 2-3 weeks per year (and never on a residential job site). For hard-to-reach commercial job sites or high rise condos, our portable units are a great tool, but they fall short of being an all-around machine.


Transport your technician to the job
Carry your tools & equipment to the job
Provide you with compressed air & high powered vacuum at the job
Hold over 1,000 lbs of dirt
Save time on the job
Alleviate labor requirements on the job
Generate its own power at the jobsite (no electrical breakers to worry about)
Clean more components on the job
Look more professional when parked in front of a house or commercial building
Retain a tremendous resale value in years to come

Do you think operating an independent duct cleaning business is a right fit for you? Learn more about your possibilities of success by visiting our Market Info page. Already convinced that this a career for you? Be sure to visit our Training page for information about equipment operation and marketing strategies. Have questions? Contact our office.

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